• Aluminum composite panel and gypsum panel

    Ceiling is a common decorative technique in modern home decoration. Ceiling not only has the function of beautifying the space, but also a way to distinguish indoor space. Indoor suspended ceilings generally use gypsum panel, aluminum composite panel, etc.    As a new type of decorative material,...
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  • Differences between aluminum gusset panel and aluminum composite panel

    There are big differences between aluminum gusset panel and aluminum composite panel in terms of composition and use: the base material of aluminum gusset panel is aluminum alloy panel, which is generally suitable for ceiling; aluminum-plastic panel is composite panel core material is plastic, an...
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  • Choice of surface of aluminum composite panel

    Aluminum composite panel as a new type of decoration materials, welcomed by the market.Then choose a good aluminum composite panel surface mainly from the following aspects to understand: 1. Able to adapt to different environments.The coating has excellent anti-fading, anti-frost, anti-corrosion ...
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  • reasons that affect the color difference of aluminum composite panel

    Aluminum composite panel is life, commonly used industrial products, many places are used such products, so what are the basic reasons for the color difference of l aluminum composite panel 1. Material reasons When its material supply enterprise is different, can appear such circumstance, the ent...
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  • Shenzhen Metro Line 6

    The Shenzhen Metro Line 6 and Line 10 were officially opened On August 18. The interior decoration of the Shenzhen Metro Line 6 station is designed by the Shenzhen Municipal Institute. The overall purpose is to create a fashionable, technological, and high-end subway image. This time, PIVOT con...
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  • Global Industrial Aluminum Composite Panels Market Growth and Detailed Analysis 2015-2026

    The Global Industrial Aluminum Composite Panels Market report contains market volume with an accurate estimation offered in the report. The Global Industrial Aluminum Composite Panels Market report focuses on the major economies various countries and continents all over the globe and parts which ...
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  • Future Office Trends

    Future Office Trends

    “Clean, well-organized, and comfortable offices will increase the creative energy of the staff,” said an architect in Baltimore. A good working environment allows employees to have full work enthusiasm and continuous work motivation and devote themselves to their work. It is also easi...
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    In European and Asian countries and in China,PIVOT establish good cooperation with Marriot,Hilton and MGM.And we provide green decoration material for many high-end boutique hotels. Morden Living Space, the hotel no longer pusuit only the interior decoration, but also more and more value the comm...
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  • EUROSHOP 2020

    EUROSHOP 2020

    EuroShop is a trade faire for capital goods for the retail industry which has taken place since 1966. Held every three years on the grounds of Messe Düsseldorf, it is looked to as the world’s leading trade fair for the retail sector.The initiator of the fair is the EHI Retail Institute. Mes...
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  • Advantages for Aluminium composite panel

    Advantages for Aluminium composite panel

    You’re probably seeing Aluminium composite panel every day but you just don’t know what they are. “Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.” said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. And it is true, greatest buildings in history were carefully ...
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